The USA China Law Group

Respected International Business Lawyers

The international business lawyers at the Allan Law Group PC, in Los Angeles, California, have extensive experience representing domestic and foreign companies with business interests in China and around the globe. We have the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary to help individuals and businesses navigate through the international law matters associated with investing, engaging in trade, establishing a presence or expanding their business operations, in China and internationally.

The USA China Law Group

Our firm has established The USA China Law Group, a strategic business relationship with some of China's most respected national law firms.

The Group consists of hundreds of attorneys and consultants across China who are dedicated to establishing and expanding business, investment and cultural opportunities for cients in the US and China. We assist clients from China wanting to do business in the U.S., and clients from the U.S. seeking to do business or invest in China. We also work with counsel in China on litigation matters for clients and assist in protecting their Intellectual Property rights in China.

Through this alliance the group is able to offer legal and related advisory and financial services to clients in the United States and China pursuing business or litigation in both countries.

The USA China Law Group is able to provide clients with services ranging from litigation, arbitration and mediation support, corporate counsel, non-performing loans, mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, commercial litigation, to trade. We also have in-depth knowledge of United States and China import-export and customs laws that can be critical to moving product between the two countries. Our attorneys are also experienced in obtaining and collecting on judgments against companies in the US and China.

Clients doing business in China face a host of legal, business, and cultural issues that are unique not only to China, but are also unique from province to province within China. Through The USA China Law Group, we are able to provide local counsel in every major city in The People's Republic of China. Our group brings together hundreds of attorneys, located in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzen, Hong Kong and many other cities.

Many of the companies our international business lawyers represent are ostensibly dealing with China import-export matters. However, setting up a business entity, dealing with asset management, and litigating and arbitrating business disputes in China requires a level of sophistication that is uncommon in United States attorneys. Our attorneys are experienced in these areas.

Protecting our Clients' Business Interests in China

The Chinese business market has been historically difficult to enter. However, in the last ten years China has increasingly opened its markets to international investing and international trade. Our international business lawyers are able to position our clients within the Chinese business market and help them protect their international investments.

Our firm provides a wide range of general counsel services to our Chinese business clients. From establishing international trading agreements and international marketing agreements to handling issues associated with China's intellectual property, patent, trademark, and copyright protections, our international lawyers are prepared to protect the investments our clients make in the Chinese business markets.

International Business Representation

In addition to handling foreign investments in China, our international business lawyers have experience handling international business matters in more than 125 countries around the world. We have represented clients in many of the fastest growing and emerging markets. Our knowledge of the changing legal and business landscape is immensely valuable to our clients as they expand business operations in China and other emerging markets.

Contact our Southern California International Business Attorneys

Contact the China trade and import-export matter lawyers at the Allan Law Group. Our offices are located in Los Angeles County, California, and we can be contacted by calling 310.456.3024 or by e-mail.

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