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Inbound: Establishing or Expanding a Business in China

With China increasing its presence as a major player in the worldwide economy, there are certainly no shortages of opportunities for U.S. companies that wish to engage the Chinese in business, help expand current operations or settle complicated disputes through arbitration and litigation.

Retaining a law firm with knowledge of the Chinese legal system used to be sufficient. However, in these challenging times, U.S. firms are seeking added value from agencies that assist them in guiding their investments abroad.

The team at Allan Law Group has years of experience successfully working within the Chinese legal system, and can also bring a distinct advantage other firms cannot. With our strong cultural knowledge of China’s 34 provinces, we are skilled at adapting any companies’ long term goals with local customs and practices.

The Allan Law Group dedicates itself to guiding its clients through an ever-changing Chinese legal system. For example, we can advise clients on tactics that the Chinese government classifies as “encouraged” versus those that are “permitted.” Trusting a law firm without a solid understanding of these terms could mean the failed execution of a corporation’s long term strategy.

Perhaps most importantly is our firm’s personal connections and business relationships we have developed in China. We have partnered with The USA-China Law Group, which has numerous contacts throughout different industries that not just lower costs for our clients, but also serve to provide highly sought-after strategic, professional and financial counsel.

Outbound: Helping Chinese Firms Develop or Expand Their U.S. Presence

In the past few years, especially in the months following the current international economic collapse, China-based companies have been investing in the United States at record-high rates. With China’s growing financial commitment in the States, firms have a tremendous opportunity to help guide world economic and legal policies for the next generation.

One of the Allan Law Group’s most successful practice areas lies in assisting Chinese firms wishing to invest in U.S. markets or increase their existing presence.

Allan Law Group’s team of attorneys have decades of experience in the U.S. legal system. In addition to helping Chinese companies create a sound investment strategy to help them enter U.S. markets, the Allan Law Group can also help guide foreign employees through the visa process, ensuring that corporate representatives can enter the U.S. to conduct business.

One of the biggest advantages to working with the Allan Law Group is our network of professionals around the United States. Through carefully cultivated relationships, both personal and professional, the Allan Law Group is able to extend its reach for its china-based clients, helping to lower costs and cast a wider economic, legal and financial reach in the U.S. market.

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